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Anti-inflammatory activity and acute toxicity of Dodonaea viscosa.
The whole aerial parts of Dodonaea viscosa were collected from the hills of Kurrum agency, Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa province of Pakistan.
HPLC analysis of MeOH extract of Dodonaea viscosa and its various fractions were performed on Agilent 1200 Series, Rapid Resolution LC (RRLC) system, comprising Agilent binary pump SL with degasser, high performance autosampler SL with thermostat, thermostatted column compartment (TCC) and diode-array detector SL (DAD SL).
Histopathology of the liver reveals better hepatoprotective activity of the MeOH extract of Dodonaea viscosa compared to silymarin
2]O fractions of the MeOH extract of Dodonaea viscosa are responsible for its biological activity
2 shows the effect of different fractions of the MeOH extract of Dodonaea viscosa on the histology of CCl[.
Dodonaea viscosa extracts attenuated hepatic enzyme release
Interestingly, the MeOH extract of Dodonaea viscosa also prevented (p Less than 0.
Dodonaea viscosa extract and fractions decrease the recruitment of CD68+ macrophages during CCl[.
Interestingly the MeOH extract of Dodonaea viscosa, significantly decreased (p Less than 0.
In our experiments, Dodonaea viscosa, MeOH extract significantly attenuated liver injury as well as reduced the increased number of CD68[.
However, on Sandy Red Earths, where the main shrub is the edible Dodonaea viscosa ssp.
Tricolporate-type fossils like extant Dodonaea viscosa were found
Shangra La'; Dodonaea procumbens; Dymondia margaretae,- Fesatuca vina glauca; Gazania rigens leuco- laena,- Limonium perezii,- Myoporum 'Pa- cificum'; Rosmarinus officinalis 'Lockwood de Forest' and Ken Taylor'; Salvia sonomensis,- Santolina chamaecyparissus and S.
Dodonaea viscosa Hop bush Willow-like green or bronze-purple leaves 4 inches long grow from many upright stems.