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a city in the center of Tanzania that has been designated as the future capital

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The staffing situation will be desperate in July, so any help will be appreciated," said a letter from a church partner in Dodoma, Tanzania to Jill Cruse, co-ordinator for the Volunteers in Mission (VIM) program of the Anglican Church of Canada.
In 1990 my family and I had been living in Dodoma, Tanzania for four years, where I was working as a nurse with the Diocese of Central Tanganyika, setting up a community HIV care and education project.
Kilimanjaro Sun Care Cream is now widely used and the work of the centre in supporting the needs of PWAs has been commended by the Prime Minister of Tanzania at a recent meeting in Dodoma, Tanzania.
DODOMA, Tanzania, Rajab 22, 1432 H / Jun 24, 2011, SPA -- Tanzania said it has dropped controversial plans to build an asphalt road across Serengeti National Park amid concerns of its affect on wildlife, according to UPI.
A memorandum of understanding signed in Dodoma, Tanzania, between the two institutions says the scheme will boost subsistence farming in five pilot districts by providing access to farm inputs.