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Fortunately, most experts believe this is nothing more than a myth, with Dodgson being viewed through the cynical eyes of the 21st century.
Now a fascinating biography of Dodgson has uncovered as far as is possible how the relationship developed and eventually foundered.
Originally a story just to entertain the children Alice asked for it to be written down, which Dodgson did as a Christmas gift in 1864 with his own illustrations.
Rick Dodgson had filled the gap by offering the first academic biography of the best-selling author and inspirational figure amongst psychedelic enthusiasts.
I think that Dodgson would have loved Alicewinks," says William McQueen, voice director and actor.
Gary Dodgson, 53, one of Arthur's three children, said his dad recounted some of his horrific prison camp experiences to his family later in life.
The owner of the papyrus fragment has been making arrangements for the next round of analysis of the fragment, including testing by independent laboratories with the resources and the specific expertise necessary to produce and interpret reliable results," Dodgson wrote.
Millionaire Iranian businessman Iraj Parvizi, Andrew Hind, Benjamin Anderson and Dodgson were all bailed to attend Westminster Magistrates' Court on October 19.
The mathematician Charles Dodgson wrote several things under his pen name of Lewis Carroll and among these were a series of pamphlets, often only a few pages long.
DAYOFTHE COVENANT(BAHA''I FAITH) 1864: Charles Dodgson presented a little girl called Alice Liddell with a story she had inspired him to write.
Lee for compiling a list of eleven novels and one feature film in which Dodgson figures as a major or a minor character.
As Sally Brown, the Library's Curator of Modern Literary Manuscripts, observes in her valuable introduction, Dodgson was a natural-born story teller and his original version is one of the Library's 'greatest treasures on display'.
Lancaster seemed to carry the greater threat early on and took a 33rd-minute lead through a well struck low shot from Lee Dodgson.
A woman dying from cancer, who faced threats of arrest over a hotel bill after the collapse of travel firm XL, was reunited with her family at home yesterday Cherry Dodgson, 49, was taking a final holiday but said she was told by the manager of the hotel in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, she would have to pay an extra pounds 1,400 or face arrest if she tried to leave.
The player goal minutes market has produced a huge discrepancy between IG and Sporting on two Forest Green players, Les Afful and Lee Dodgson.