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a small low-powered electrically powered vehicle driven on a special platform where there are many others to be dodged


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New for '97 are dodgem cars and petrol-driven go-karts for all budding Damon Hills.
There was a fairground with dodgem cars, a carousel, trampolines, two bouncy castles, a test your strength machine and sideshows for 70 youngsters and their parents.
In 1969, members of the King's Norton Round Table took over and now the event is a typical fair, with roundabouts, dodgem cars and sideshows.
He went there with his dad in October last year and fell off a wall after going on the dodgem cars.
Little seems to have changed over the decades from the 1970s with the same old favourites such as dodgem cars, Hook-a-Duck Lily |Richards competitions and simply playing in a sandpit proving as popular as ever.
Matthew Davenport was visiting the Conwy Valley Railway Museum, in Betws-y-Coed, with his dad last October when he fell off a wall after going on the dodgem cars.
Despite the fact that a small modern family car easily tops 100mph (if you want to risk the cameras), we shriek with excitement as we bang around the dodgem cars or spin around, dizzy and nauseous, on the Waltzers.
It was party time this week as 1,950 VIP guests celebrated the christening of the world's third largest cruise ship - complete with dodgem cars, sky-diving, an observation capsule that rises 300 feet above the waves, and a giraffe called Gigi.
I really loved those electric dodgem cars where the object was to avoid being struck by one of the other cars.
The ambience sets your heart racing with different types of rides -- Log Flume, Pirate Ride, roller-coasters, traditional dodgem cars, a ghost train, trampolines, bungees and much more -- that offer different experiences.
For rides there are many to choose from: traditional dodgem cars, a ghost train, trampolines, bungees, pirate ride, freak out and much more.
Merry-go-rounds, slippery slides, trampolines, toy train rides, dodgem cars, and a variety of games designed around sporting skill all continue to pull in the crowds through the evenings.
The park opened in April 1950 with just one restaurant, a tea room, three hand operated rides, six rowing boats, pedal cars and a set of dodgem cars.
The Family Fun park is popular among locals and has lots of rides, including a Ferris wheel and dodgem cars.
Stopping dodgem cars from bumping into each other at a holiday park in Skegness;