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a small low-powered electrically powered vehicle driven on a special platform where there are many others to be dodged


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Then, when Kloe arrives and sees Loz and their relatives waiting for her in dodgem cars, she bursts into tears again.
Matthew, from Portland Street, in Birkenhead, went on a pay-as-you-go dodgem car.
I am on Salisbury Street at least twice a day, and fell like I am in that dodgem car attempting to avoid the potholes and large puddles of water.
Merry-go-rounds, slippery slides, trampolines, toy train rides, dodgem cars, and a variety of games designed around sporting skill all continue to pull in the crowds through the evenings.
The park opened in April 1950 with just one restaurant, a tea room, three hand operated rides, six rowing boats, pedal cars and a set of dodgem cars.
A holiday park in Skegness stopping dodgem cars from bumping into each other.
I like dodgem cars but the big ones are difficult to drive so you have to sit with your parents and that is not exciting as driving your own car
Richard Hughes rode the winner as if he were a Ferrari against dodgem cars.
There was one tiny restaurant, one tea room, three hand-operated rides, half-a-dozen rowing boats, some pedal cars and a set of second hand dodgem cars.
After slaying the 60,000-strong audience, he rode dodgem cars in an after-show party staged in a local fairground.
She once had a go on the dodgem cars in Barry Island circa 1956.
Monday is first night of a lengthy British tour of a new musical featuring dodgem cars and starring David Essex (who has written some new songs for the show) as a funfair owner struggling with the tangled love life of his rebellious son (Paul Ryan Carberry, right)
Director Greg Hersov has clearly allowed enough freedom to just allow the pair, their actions and the dialogue to collide over and over again - like vindictive dodgem cars at a seaside fairground.
Yet all too often spectators are served up with a bunch of automatons crashing into each other like dodgem cars.
That is the sport where playboys called Tarquin or Chuck ride their ponies like Dodgem Cars in pursuit of a tiny sphere.