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a small low-powered electrically powered vehicle driven on a special platform where there are many others to be dodged


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A ambulance service spokesman said: "It is believed that the woman had hurt her back following a ride on the dodgem cars.
Before day dawned, they dug a large hole in the hallowed ground and buried the dodgem.
After all, his Channel 5 series Damon Hill's Wacky Races looks likely to be a big hit - as long as he avoids the dodgem cars.
TWO airport baggage handlers who played dodgems on luggage trucks sparked a major rescue alert, a court heard yesterday.
I think The Journal should run a competition for best dodgem car pic
It was pointed out that dodgem cars are very noisy and that it would be impossible for anyone to hear the AMs' speeches.
Police swooped after he allegedly filmed himself on the internet social network site MySpace describing how he had caused the damage by using huge dumper trucks as dodgem cars at the theme park.
Judge Mark Eades told Scott, 27, of Overend Road, Cradley Heath: "You drove as if it was a dodgem car.
BUMPER DAY OF FUN Lucy Jamieson with the Lord Mayor, Coun Geoff O''Brien, in a dodgem car
The world's fastest dodgem car has just been cleared to hit the streets after passing its MoT at the second attempt.
After cutting a ribbon between two dodgem cars, Lord Mayor Sheila Collins was persuaded to climb into one with her husband Gordon.
COVENTRY'S fairground dodgem builder, the Supercar Company, was hardly a match for motor giants - firms like Rootes, Standard and Jaguar - but its list of customers overseas must have raised a few eyebrows among Coventry car firm bosses (Any Questions, March 30).
Whoever took the scooter used it like a dodgem and then dumped it when the battery ran out.
This happy foursome are enjoying themselves on the dodgem cars BACK IN TIME The Castle Keep at Newcastle 1 January 1954.
While Bowman didn't seem to mind the plastic pint cups hurled his way, the wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am nature of the gig left little time for him to do anything other than play dodgem with the pint-throwers.