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a small low-powered electrically powered vehicle driven on a special platform where there are many others to be dodged


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EIGHTEEN bobbies join in the fun of the fair by having a go on the dodgems at a funfair.
I am on Salisbury Street at least twice a day, and fell like I am in that dodgem car attempting to avoid the potholes and large puddles of water.
While Basma and Wun-Nam chattered excitedly, pointing to the dodgem cars, little Nasara took in the sights and sounds in wonder seated in her walker as her dad pushed her along.
30pm to reports of youths who had taken a dodgem car from the fair and were riding around in it - by pushing it.
The world's fastest dodgem set a record with an average speed of 100mph on TV's Top Gear ?
But I graduated to the dodgems, which was much more cool.
Then, when Kloe arrives and sees Loz and their relatives waiting for her in dodgem cars, she bursts into tears again.
Mr Perks said: "Miss Allen was at this time working selling icecreams while the defendant was working on the dodgems.
There can be few Geordies who haven't at some stage ridden a dodgem, tried to win a goldfish or been terrified by the bearded lady.
But the Mayor of Kirklees, David Ridgway, swapped the plush leather seats for a silver dodgem car as he opened a new funfair in Huddersfield.
My mole reveals: "Katy appeared to be a little worse for wear when she got in her dodgem but she had no problem taking on the guys in her five-inch heels.
I'd watched the dodgem track appear, and then the teapots, and then the red and white striped roof of the shooting gallery.
MOTORISTS may have been forgiven for thinking they were in a real-life funfair thanks to one driver taking to the road in a dodgem.
Maybe she thinks she's driving a fairground dodgem car because that's what they are.
This unique North East party venue includes state-of-the -art arcade games, soft-play, a spectacular bar and pool area, 18 bowling lanes, VIP bowling lounge and the fastest dodgem track in Europe.