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a town of southwestern Kansas on the Arkansas River

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Dodge City "was a reservoir of tall tales," he says, "yet many of the facts are equally if not more fascinating.
There, he quarreled with another old Dodge City acquaintance, one John Allen, who was working at the Imperial Saloon at the time.
The fort at Dodge City offered some protection to wagon trains and the US mail service, and it served as a supply base for troops.
While congratulating Sam for his MBE, awarded for services to sea angling, Marshal Bailey surprised him by also appointing him as the Deputy Marshal of Dodge City, during the live Skype interview.
Supporters said it would help the Dodge City economy and provide more educational opportunities in western Kansas.
Dodge City operates a Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealership in Saskatoon, in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, from a leased facility which includes a six-car showroom and 20 service bays.
In this bittersweet, place-based memoir, he explores legendary white, Native, and Hispanic figures of Old West Dodge City and looks at the struggles of ordinary people in the reality of the New West.
55 55 44 just PS20 for your Collections & deliveries | Michael Cridland Dodge City, USA (formerly of Cardiff)
TravelCenters of America LLC (NYSE Amex: TA), a US-based chain of travel centres in 41 states and Canada, has announced the opening of a new Petro Stopping Center at Dodge City, Alabama, US.
THE STORY: It is 1878, and John Henry "Doc" Holliday, a dapper young gentleman from Griffin, Georgia, has made a name for himself in the boisterous and volatile cow town of Dodge City, Kansas, as a skilled dentist and an even more skilled gambler.
The impact of the current fiscal crisis on education, job training, home energy assistance, Head Start and Social Security was the focus of a recent meeting of the Human Development (HD) Steering Committee in Dodge City, Kan.
was named CEO of Western Plains Medical Complex, a 99-bed facility in Dodge City, Kan.
The Colts, known today as "Buntline Specials," came with metal shoulder stocks and extra-long barrels and were meant to thank Earp, then a deputy marshal in Dodge City, Kansas, for letting Buntline interview him.
Hallagin grew up in McDonald, Kansas, and attended Fort Hays State University, before settling in Dodge City where she's currently a special education coordinator.
A Birmingham do it yourself dodge city store is facing a showdown with the city council official who enforce Sunday trading laws.