lauryl alcohol

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a colorless insoluble solid alcohol used to make detergents and pharmaceuticals


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The macromonomers used in this study were derived from dodecanol, octadecanol, and docosanol.
It can be concluded from Figures 11 and 12 that the coating failure is most likely due to the presence of contamination, which has been identified as long-chain hydrocarbons and dodecanol.
0 uL of 1-octanol, toluene, 1- dodecanol and 1-undecanol respectively were optimized and dispersed into 10 mL of aqueous sample containing 100 ug L-1 of benzaldehyde.
It is a trans-esterification of octyl dodecanol from coconut oil and various vegetable waxes having a similar profile to that of beeswax.
Comments: A unique reacted polyester with dimer alcohol, dimer acid and octyl dodecanol.