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a group of islands in the southeast Aegean Sea

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Rhodes is the largest and most popular of the Dodecanese islands and has something for everyone.
1947 Treaty of Paris, Rhodes -- along with the rest of the Dodecanese islands -- is demilitarised.
However, Greek sovereignty over the islands of the Eastern Aegean, whose population had been uninterruptedly Greek since ancient times, was confirmed with the exception of the Dodecanese islands, which were given to Italy, and the islands of Tenedos, Imbros, and the Rabbit Islands, located near the entrance of the Dardanelles, which were retained by Turkey.
The Doubletree by Hilton Resort sits on a gentle hill overlooking Helona Beach and the blue-green Aegean Sea on the southern coast of Kos in the Greek Dodecanese Islands.
16 MAY: If you haven't heard of Nissyros, it's because locals in the Greek Dodecanese islands have kept it to themselves.
At this stage I realise that my Turkish yacht Yomez has no Greek chart, so I purchase a tee-shirt with the Dodecanese Islands depicted on the front and then stand in front of the mirror when I want to know which way to go.
The submarine, Trooper - on which he was chief engine room artificer - sailed from Beirut, Lebanon, on September 26, 1943, to patrol near the Dodecanese islands of the Aegean Sea.
The highlight of a holiday to the largest of the Dodecanese islands which hug the Turkish coastline has to be a visit to the medieval quarter at the heart of the island capital, Rhodes Town.
Due to its geographical location as part of the Dodecanese islands, Halki has been under various occupations and influences.
Part of the Dodecanese islands - and the largest at that - Rhodes lies just 10 miles off the coast of Turkey.
Rhodes is the largest, most popular of the Dodecanese islands, offering something for everyone.
The Greek Island Odyssey 2002 is planned for the end of September this year and will sail one-way through the Dodecanese Islands of the Eastern Aegean, from Rhodes to Samos via Symi, Nisiros, Kalymnos, Patmos, Lipsos and Arki.
Like the other Dodecanese islands, Kos has been inhabited since prehistoric times and, as one might expect, has enjoyed and endured its share of good and bad fortune.
Rhodes has an excellent sunshine record and is the largest of the Dodecanese islands.
Rodos, to give it its correct name, is the largest of Greece's Dodecanese islands and one of the few holiday hotspots which really does offer something for everyone.