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a group of islands in the southeast Aegean Sea

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They had a particularly rough time under the Italians before the Dodecanese were ceded back to Greece just after the war.
Seven of the best and most beautiful island groupings have been selected for inclusion in the program-- the Cyclades, Crete, the Dodecanese, the Iolian, the Saronic, the Northern Sporades and the Eastern Aegean islands.
Guard 24 hours a year of DPAN of installations in areas, Dodecanese (AWS, Kos, Karpathos, Kalymnos), Cyclades (AWS, Syros, Milos, Santorini, Paros, Mykonos) and B.
In Europe, Turkey ceded parts of Eastern Thrace and certain Aegean islands to Greece, and the Dodecanese and Rhodes to Italy, retaining only ystanbul and its environs, including the neutralized and internationalized zone of the straits.
For example, we know that there are strong connections between Crete and Akrotiri (Knappett & Nikolakopoulou 2008), as well as, to a lesser degree, between Crete and the Dodecanese and coastal Anatolia (Raymond 2001; Knappett & Nikolakopoulou 2005; Niemeier 2005; Marketou 2009; Momigliano 2009).
SAIL on sister ship Star Flyer along the Turkish Riviera coast and through the Dodecanese, and two children (under 18) can travel free.
Rhodes is the largest and the capital of the Dodecanese Islands, famed for its historic sights and rich and varied landscape.
Islanders still make a living retrieving sponges from the seabed around this island in the Dodecanese and you can soak up information about the industry at the nautical museum in the capital Pothia.
He served in Syria, Tobruk, Malta and the Dodecanese.
The submarine, Trooper - on which he was chief engine room artificer - sailed from Beirut, Lebanon, on September 26, 1943, to patrol near the Dodecanese islands of the Aegean Sea.
Being a bit of a city girl at heart, I wasn't sure if I would enjoy a break to Kalymnos - a remote, rocky Dodecanese island, just a boat trip away from the bigger and more popular Kos.
430/2015 "transportation and drinking water supply in tanks of ota arid islands of the prefectures of the dodecanese and cyclades for the period from 06.
495-905), contains thirty data-rich chapters, mostly written by archaeologists directly involved with these sites or regions, arranged under four geographical headings: Crete, mainland Greece, the Cyclades, Dodecanese and Saronic Islands, and the wider Mediterranean.
Rhodes, the most popular tourist destination among the Dodecanese Islands, is 15m south of Turkey and was featured in Hollywood films The Guns Of Navarone and Escape To Athena.
And arguably the best of the weather is in the Dodecanese chain, 260 miles south-east of Athens and within a Zorba's dance-step of Turkey.