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The Great North Air Ambulance features in Sky's new six-part documentary series
The Winds of Change documentary series collects and shares stories of forces for good from around the world but it is through anime characters like Makani, that the makers of the series hope to capture the imagination of viewers and tell important stories of individuals inviting positive change in lives and communities.
Why English Matters features a new video documentary series that explores the role of English through interviews with human resource managers and decision makers from leading global organizations.
Former Blue Coat School pupil David Brindley with the National Television Award for best documentary series, Educating Yorkshire
Screen Australia s Documentary Manager Liz Stevens said, These four bold and perspective-changing documentary series will explore in detail different aspects of Australian society.
The premiere of Channel 4's documentary series Skint pulled in 2.
This gripping documentary series, Which is returning for a NEW run, gives him an opportunity to put his theory to the test.
Bloomberg Game Changers is a new original documentary series that offers a revealing look at today's most influential global leaders in technology, finance, politics and culture.
Documentary series exploring how the department store chain has coped during the recession, examining what measures are being taken to improve its performance.
Following the birth of seven puppies born to a first-time mother called Uggs in a cramped East London front room, the observational documentary series examines the fate of Uggs' puppies as her owner tries to find new homes for them, at pounds 300 a pup.
The weekly documentary series highlights the history, culture, and personalities that make Washington state a unique and special place to live and work.
Sundance Channel's six-part documentary series ``One Punk Under God'' follows Jay's quixotic mission, as well as his troubled relationship with his long-divorced parents -- Tammy Faye is dying of cancer, while Jim seems reticent to remain in contact with his son.
Scout Productions has been hired to create and produce a 13-part documentary series for the Sundance Channel that will feature "innovators and innovations" in the environmental movement.
She began her broadcasting career in 1996 at BBC Radio 5 Live, on the cultural identity documentary series 'British Like Me'.
This is the official companion to a major PBS documentary series of the same name, but this title can stand alone.
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