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an application that provides the user with tools needed to write and edit and format text and to send it to a printer

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IntelliCapture integrates Brainware's intelligent data capture capability with a complete ECM solution from Perceptive Software, forming a robust document processing system that combines data capture, extraction, validation, routing and approval, as well as archiving and posting into systems such as Lawson, Oracle, and SAP.
docuPAD is COINdata's electronic, on-screen interactive F&I selling and document processing system that is designed to help automotive dealers increase the accuracy, compliance, and speed at which the typical F&I process is completed.
VRPA+ is a flexible and scalable document processing system able to manage over a million check and remittance items per day," said Tim Kickham, sales director for Aperta.
The mixed document scanner, with its fully open track, provides customers with a robust document processing system that dramatically improves throughput and reduces recovery time from paper jams, resulting in significantly lower operating costs and outstanding price performance.
Peladon's DocXP(TM) document processing system customers will benefit from Parascript's powerful signature verification engines that confirm the authenticity of endorsements.
V-by-One HS technology has been developed by THine to make internal interface smarter and less expensive for various markets such as flat panel displays, document processing systems, security systems, robotics, and automotive infotainments.
Despite this possibly less-tangible business benefit resulting from upgrading current document processing systems, the business decision to do so could come down to whether increases in process efficiencies, accuracy, transparency and scalability, and their impact on distribution channels, retail and group customers, have enough "soft-dollar realm on investment" to warrant the investment.
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