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rapid and efficient processing (storage and printing) of linguistic data for composition and editing

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All electrical panels were rewired to accommodate new web-based document processing.
Moving Bytes is a web-based provider of document processing and business communications solutions to businesses worldwide.
The capital needed for print and document processing equipment could be more effectively used to invest in their core business;
Managed print services and electronic process management are aspects of electronic document processing.
Pitney Bowes Document Processing Solutions for Government (Government DPS) provides fast and cost-effective document processing for document intensive federal agency operations such as contracts management, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, benefits and grants processing, claims management and review, and other workflow-related tasks that require backfile conversion (the digital conversion of older paper files) for fast, accurate responses to constituents and other agencies.
The company's Software-as-a-Service model enables organizations to eliminate document processing friction points while enhancing business information management.
These new business wins are significant because they underscore our expertise in managing comprehensive document processing center operations for leading companies across the U.
July 31 /PRNewswire/ -- Income from Xerox Corporation's core document processing business increased 52 percent in the second quarter to $254 million, compared with $167 million in the second quarter of 1994.
the first provider of an open source enterprise content management solution, today announced its partnership with FileMark, a leading provider of document processing, archiving and records management solutions.
27 /PRNewswire/ -- Income from Xerox Corporation's (NYSE: XRX) core document processing business in the third quarter was $185 million, compared with $148 million in the third quarter of 1993.
The research is oriented toward basic science in a variety of fields, as opposed to next-generation technology related to document processing systems and software - which is the focus of Xerox's five global research and technology centers in the U.
will each install BancTec ImageFIRST(R) financial document processing systems at their respective payment processing operations centers.
Automated document processing is an integral part of creating competitive advantages in the marketplace today," says Catherine Dupuy-Holdich, Product Manager at Esker.
He said Xerox has mounted an aggressive marketing campaign in digital publishing, electronic printing and color document processing that builds on the company's historic power in black-and-white document processing markets.
World's leading appliance manufacturer selects Esker DeliveryWare as enterprise standard for automated imaging, storage and document processing to and from SAP
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