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progress (or rate of progress) in work being done


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com - offers simple-to-use and cost-effective document management system that brings enormous volumes of electronic and paper documents under control.
A community mental health agency founded in 1972 that provides services to more than 2,000 consumers annually, MBCMH turned to IKON for a comprehensive document management system to solve the organization's specific requirements and challenges.
HL7 connectivity enables clinical users to access advanced iMedConsent features, including the ability to post progress notes to a patient's electronic medical record (EMR) and manipulate signed consent forms on a document management system.
The 2005 IKON Insight Series is a forum where attendees can examine best practices and new approaches for maximizing the success of their document management system.
Cabinet NG touted as "robust", and "easy to use" document management system
This meeting is a pursuant to the requirements of the Royal Decree on promulgation of the documents and archives, in pursuit of PAEW efforts to prepare the document management system in government units.
8 percent plan to implement a document management system within 24 months, which underscores a growing reliance companies have on document management systems.
Although a considerable investment in computer technology initially is required, a document management system will reduce these costs in the long term and make operations more efficient and effective.
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