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Le film se situe dans le sillage des choix entames par le cineaste dans ses documentaires et docu-fiction, celui de capter une realite, cette fois celle de la nouvelle petite fonctionnaire urbaine (un petit fonctionnaire dans l'enfer emergent de Casablanca).
Beaucoup de films relevaient egalement de ce que l'on pourrait qualifier de docu-fiction.
The 85-minute long docu-fiction is currently in post-production and completion is anticipated for this May in time for the Cannes Film Festival's Annual Market.
This was the case, for example, with photographer Hannah Collins's La Mina, 2002-2003, an epic video installation interweaving the threads of a docu-fiction elaborated and reenacted by two Gypsy communities in Barcelona: What Gili had to go on was a cassette of the ninety-minute film, Collins's first venture into 35 mm, from which the installation's five channels came to be edited.
Select Excerpt from Their 3D Feature-length Docu-fiction, 'Oceans 3D - Into the Deep' (wt), to Premiere During the Session
This could fit the docu-fiction and documentary styles of film and is still a very prominent form of expression and exposure of one's surrounding world.
For the docu-fiction picture that is Disney's ``Pearl Harbor'' - and we are talking about a very commercial and manipulative entertainment - speaks to a national shortage almost as critical as the energy crunch.
The film is directed by noted French filmmaker, Pascal Cuissot, who has directed numerous docu-fiction works with Arte, including "E=MC2," "Expedition to the Abyss," and "Leaving/Coming Back.
L'ouverture de La mosquee confine pratiquement au docu-fiction avec forte referentialisation du theme et apparition de DAS dans son propre role.
Dans ce film, le realisateur nous fait decouvrir l'ampleur du personnage et son influence toujours actuelle, a travers un docu-fiction ponctue par des interviews, des commentaires et des temoignages historiens, d'anthropologues, de politologues et de sociologues.
In the visual arts, for instance, it could aid in reconsidering the mediatic and epistemic base of Futurism and Arte Povera, while in literary studies it could foster a fresh approach to Svevo's and Gadda's (a fanatic archivist in his own right) novels, Sciascia's docu-fictions, as well as Balestrini's poetry.
The list, while not intended to be comprehensive, offers an extensive array of various mockumentary forms--fakes, docu-fictions, mock-documentaries, and fiction-newsreel hybrids--selected from a wide range of nations and perspectives.