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Synonyms for anamnesis

the case history of a medical patient as recalled by the patient

the ability to recall past occurrences

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At Phaedo 72e2, Cebes says that the doctrine of recollection is a "theory which you (Socrates) have often described to us," which is, he continues, proved by the "very good argument.
However much or little of the doctrine of recollection Plato/Socrates means us to take seriously, it really does not resolve the learner's paradox in any very satisfactory way.
Once more, without canvassing the scholarly literature, it is certainly true that the doctrine of recollection has had more sympathetic evaluations among scholars such as W.
Socrates invokes the doctrine of recollection in order to resolve the paradox.
Most obviously, the doctrine of recollection has not appeared to have any applicability to the sphere of ethics.
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