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an honorary law degree


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The central thrust of the ten conclusiones of Covarrubias's doctoral examination was that doctors of law deserved a higher place in the contemporary social order than soldiers or any other type of secular professional.
Bartolus creatively deployed the analogy between soldiers and advocates to justify drawing specific conclusions about the social standing of jurists and doctors of law from Roman law texts which had nothing to say about "doctors" or "advocates" explicitly, but a great deal to say about the privileges and status of the military profession.
Bartolus's invocation of military privileges to justify the dignity of doctors of law was thus a classic example of the juristic technique of aequiparatio, which Ernst Kantorowicz has aptly described as "the essence of the art of the jurists -- the action of placing on equal terms two or more subjects which at first appeared to have nothing to do with each other.
In an early example, the 1250 statutes of the city of Bologna exempted masters in grammar and doctors of law from military service.
62] The doctors of law who sat in Covarrubias's audience knew that such distinctions made them the envy of many of their academic colleagues, and it must have been reassuring to hear this learned newcomer to their ranks tell them that they richly dese rved these privileges.
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