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With the emergence of nurse practitioners in a number of clinical areas it is debated whether these nurses should be educated within Doctorate of Nursing Practice programs that have an emphasis on the translation of research into practice, rather than the actual conduct of research (Brar et al 2010; Edwardson 2010; Chase and Pruitt 2006; Meleis and Dracup 2005).
The data show that 58 percent of the Iranians receiving science and engineering doctorates between 2008 and 2011 expressed firm plans to stay in the United States.
Which institution to study at and what to research are the two most obvious, but thought should also be given to where doctorate holders might end up once they've finished their degrees.
by GARRETH MACNAMEE LEGENDARY band The Chieftains have received an honorary doctorate for their outstanding contribution to music.
The demand for accounting doctorates is huge and continues to grow as older faculty retire.
Surprisingly those people with higher education in Taiwan encounter more difficulties in the job market: The jobless rate amid masters and doctorates rarely exceeded 3%, but rose to 3.
Others argue that underrepresentation of different groups in the professorate is not because of inequity but instead is a result of a series of other factors such as a lack of people with the right credentials, more specifically earned doctorates, a lack of people with advanced scholarship, such as an "adequate" number of "quality" publications, or because aggressive policies aimed to remedy past inequities are seen as inequitable themselves.
This is only the second occasion the University has awarded Honorary Doctorates.
Other celebrities and politicians who have accepted honorary doctorates from Irish universities include Ronald Reagan, Bertie Ahern, Roy Keane, Gay Byrne and Bill Cullen.
Professional doctorates usually incorporate an empirical research project where students are still required to collect and analyse data and present a 'shortened' thesis.
citizens awarded research doctorates from American universities in 2006 were ethnic minorities, according to a recent report released by the National Science Foundation in conjunction with the National Opinion Research Center and an assortment of government agencies.
The concept represents advanced practice built on expanded, complex knowledge of rigor comparable to established professional doctorates like the EdD, DO, JD, and MD.
Educators in both fields have often demanded different criteria for tenure than those used in traditional disciplines because the majority of the faculty members in their ranks enter the academy with Master's degrees instead of doctorates.
Today, Doctorates of Science degrees go to Professors Geoffrey Harrison and Robert Sternberg.
CSUN was fourth in the nation in graduating students who went on to earn doctorates in the social sciences.