Doctor of Divinity

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a doctor's degree in religion


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Head of a prayer group called Prayer and Power, Dr Varghese was awarded a doctorate in Divinity by the International Institute of Church Management, Chennai, India.
Peake that he submit it as an academic work and it became his thesis for an earned doctorate in divinity.
In 1979, he received a doctorate in divinity from St Andrews University and shortly afterwards retired with his wife Elizabeth to Insch, Aberdeenshire.
In May 2006, Cortes received an Honorary Doctorate in Divinity from Moravian Theological Seminary and an Honorary Doctorate in Divinity from Palmer Theological Seminary of Eastern University.
Ordained as a priest in 1965, he received a bachelor's degree at Bishop's University, a bachelor of sacred theology and a master of theology at Trinity College, University of Toronto, which later honoured him with a doctorate in divinity.
He earned a bachelor of arts degree, a bachelor of sacred theology and an honorary doctorate in divinity from the University of King's College, Halifax.