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a doctorate awarded for original contributions to knowledge

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On the internet, the anonymous singer was portrayed as a self-serving person trying to take advantage of his or her celebrity status to make the cut for the doctoral program.
One thing worth noting: Whether you're studying in a traditional or nontraditional doctoral program, it's imperative to understand that these programs are not similar to Master of Business Administration or Master of Accountancy programs.
A number of respondents expressed other challenges and barriers; for example, concerns about career opportunities for the graduates of a doctoral program and about advantages provided by a doctoral education in DH, rather than in other disciplines.
Scholarships for master's and doctoral programs in selected foreign schools, he said, are also offered as well as grants for thesis and dissertation writing, professional advancement, and post-doctoral fellowships.
The telling of MSU's story of developing its first doctoral program was a specific recommendation made by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) reviewers during the accreditation site visit after MSU received initial approval for substantive change to become a Level 5 institution (a Southern Association of Colleges and Schools designation for institutions offering three or fewer doctorate degrees).
The contract is educational services involving the preparation and conduct classes in the project operational programme human capital (op hc) "information technology: research and interdisciplinary applications," task 2 project po kl: a new interdisciplinary doctoral program in english, second edition studies - year 3, semester 6, and the third edition of the study - year 2, semester 4 of the course: "some problems of mining information in large collections of documents on the web" (16 hours of lectures + 16 hours of exercise).
This fellowship opportunity is intended for students beginning a doctoral program in September 2014 or January 2015.
The five scholars asked: "How well are doctoral programs preparing nurses for the faculty roles that will be needed?
After 13 years at Wheaton I ventured back to the Pacific Northwest where I have continued teaching in a doctoral program designed to facilitate the integration of psychology and Christianity while supporting spiritual formation of students.
We are very excited to have the Community College Leadership doctoral program as a significant addition to our curriculum at National American University," Roueche said.
The university's accounting doctoral program is one of the best in the country, in large part because the faculty take a genuine it arrest, in the growth and development or the students.
We (the authors of this research note) are both recent graduates of a social work doctoral program and are now in academic positions facilitating the social work education of current graduate students in our field through teaching and research.
When the board of governors of the University of North Carolina System approved a new doctoral program for North Carolina Central University, or NCCU, this fall, it marked the first time in half a century the historically Black college had successfully navigated the arduous path required to win a green light for a doctoral program.
New England College has launched its first doctoral program, an education degree accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.
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