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a doctorate awarded for original contributions to knowledge

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PhilaU's doctoral program in strategic leadership will prepare both established and aspiring leaders to build and transform their current and future organizations.
The contract is educational services involving the preparation and conduct classes in the project operational programme human capital (op hc) "information technology: research and interdisciplinary applications," task 2 project po kl: a new interdisciplinary doctoral program in english, second edition studies - year 3, semester 6, and the third edition of the study - year 2, semester 4 of the course: "some problems of mining information in large collections of documents on the web" (16 hours of lectures + 16 hours of exercise).
The five scholars asked: "How well are doctoral programs preparing nurses for the faculty roles that will be needed?
After 13 years at Wheaton I ventured back to the Pacific Northwest where I have continued teaching in a doctoral program designed to facilitate the integration of psychology and Christianity while supporting spiritual formation of students.
Paxton was well aware of the need for a quality doctoral program from his many years as a community college president.
Having an outside job while in the doctoral program is not really an option.
If selected, attend the ADS Program's Orientation Conference and Programs Fair to gain an understanding of what to expect in a doctoral program and visit with representatives of participating universities.
We have remained undaunted," Thomas says, acknowledging past failed efforts to get a doctoral program at NCCU.
The doctoral program features two concentrations, K-12 leadership and higher education administration.
Ann Schofield states, "Five years ago the then Dean [of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences], Joe Steinmeitz, suggested that we begin planning for a doctoral program given the size of our core faculty, the success of our graduate certificate program, the support of our advisory board, and more especially, the intellectual maturation of the field.
Sadly, nearly half of all students who start a doctoral program drop out before graduating.
The Latin American Doctoral Program in Theology (LADPT) was created by Latin Americans in response to the need for graduate-level theological studies to be offered in Latin America, by Latin Americans, in the languages of Latin America, for the church in Latin America.
They celebrated Mary Pappas' completion of her doctoral program and were treated to a condensed presentation of her doctoral dissertation.
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