physician-patient privilege

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the right of a physician to refuse to divulge confidential information from a patient without the consent of the patient

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He refused to provide the judge with information on the health status of the women that he saw, citing doctor-patient privilege.
Within the confines of doctor-patient privilege, I can say President Castro is not suffering from a malignant condition.
The court found that the woman's therapists may have negligently implanted the abuse memories as part of her "therapy" and that, on public policy grounds, her parents' right to clear their names trumped the doctor-patient privilege.
It became the subject of litigation, with the clinic unsuccessfully arguing that releasing it would compromise doctor-patient privilege.
5126) seeks to clarify that under federal rules of evidence, doctor-patient privilege protects a patient's confidential medical information in court.
But instead of calling it what it was; the use of taxpayer money to conduct a public relations campaign, the prochoice movement moved courageously to protect women's lives and the doctor-patient privilege, but lost the PR battle.
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