physician-patient privilege

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the right of a physician to refuse to divulge confidential information from a patient without the consent of the patient

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We've come to that arrangement on the basis that we need to respect the privacy of the family, we need to adhere to doctor-patient confidentiality," he said.
However, the incident sparked a debate over doctor-patient confidentiality, and how much it is respected in Egypt; as well as the consequences for parliamentarians who lie.
Unable to get around the limits imposed by doctor-patient confidentiality, they're trying to establish patient-doctor confidentiality as well.
The issue of doctor-patient confidentiality in situations where the doctor can reasonably foresee third parties associated with the patient can be put at risk by the patient's medical status is a continuing conundrum.
Le Figaro said that Roux travelled to Pyongyang, North Korea's capital, in October, but the doctor declined to provide any details of the visit, citing a doctor-patient confidentiality.
There was a great deal of discussion of doctor-patient confidentiality and the need to respect it.
Sadly, the OPHD has chosen to wrap doctor-patient confidentiality in a protective shroud at the expense of actually performing its duty to monitor compliance or abuse.
Adams would not say when and where the surgery was done, citing doctor-patient confidentiality.
Benson (above) and Stabler look for loopholes in the rules governing doctor-patient confidentiality as they try to find out why a psychiatrist was beaten and left for dead.
Dr Forsyth must have been bunking off medical school the day they did doctor-patient confidentiality or he would probably have thought twice about dropping this bombshell in front of another patient who had just come in to have her blood pressure checked.
I'll say yes and leave it at that,'' Patterson said, citing doctor-patient confidentiality as the reason for his vagueness.
Telemedical technologies also threaten the sacrosanct code of doctor-patient confidentiality.
They think it affects doctor-patient confidentiality.