physician-patient privilege

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the right of a physician to refuse to divulge confidential information from a patient without the consent of the patient

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The Health Professions Council of SA (HPCSA) provides detailed guidelines on when it is acceptable to breach doctor-patient confidentiality.
Individuals who help psychiatric patients run away face a six-month prison term and fine of SR50,000, while doctors who breach doctor-patient confidentiality are liable to pay a fine of SR50,000 and serve a three-month prison term.
Angry medics have attacked the plan, saying it threatens doctor-patient confidentiality.
South Africa's first black president remained in a "critical but stable" condition, Maharaj said, but did not elaborate, citing doctor-patient confidentiality.
South African government spokesman Mac Maharaj told CNN that officials were unable to comment on reports that Mandela was on life support, citing doctor-patient confidentiality rules.
The press gathering highlighted the tension between the government's reluctance to share more information about Mandela on the basis of doctor-patient confidentiality, and media appeals for thorough updates on a figure of global interest.
Gaetz said, "We all believe in doctor-patient confidentiality and the doctor-patient privilege, but that privilege is intended to be a shield, not a sword.
If questions are asked about specific patients, the doctors immediately retreat behind a shield comprising patient privacy, doctor-patient confidentiality, and a contemptuous refusal to co-operate.
CAIRO: Member of the Doctors' Syndicate Ahmed Hussein filed Wednesday a complaint at the Prosecutor General against officials at Salma Hospital for breaching doctor-patient confidentiality with Al-Nour Party parliamentarian.
Summary: BEIRUT: UN chief Ban Ki-moon described Friday Hizbullah's call on the Lebanese to boycott the UN-backed court as a deliberate attempt to obstruct justice, as the Prosecutor for the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) denied accusations that his investigators had breached doctor-patient confidentiality.
Unable to get around the limits imposed by doctor-patient confidentiality, they're trying to establish patient-doctor confidentiality as well.
The issue of doctor-patient confidentiality in situations where the doctor can reasonably foresee third parties associated with the patient can be put at risk by the patient's medical status is a continuing conundrum.
Le Figaro said that Roux travelled to Pyongyang, North Korea's capital, in October, but the doctor declined to provide any details of the visit, citing a doctor-patient confidentiality.
There was a great deal of discussion of doctor-patient confidentiality and the need to respect it.