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(Roman Catholic Church) a title conferred on 33 saints who distinguished themselves through the orthodoxy of their theological teaching

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St Thrse was declared a saint in 1925 and, on the centenary of her death in 1997, she was named a Doctor of the Church, an honour bestowed on only three women.
She is one of only three women to receive the honour of being made a Doctor of the Church, and her remains are kept at the spectacular Basilica of St Thrse in Lisieux, France - visited by more than two million people a year.
Bonaventure (1217-74) to a Doctor of the Church, just as his namesake, Sixtus IV della Rovere, had elevated him to sainthood 100 years earlier.
The Pope proclaimed her a doctor of the Church on the centenary of her death, the youngest of the 33 saints to hold that title.
But I can't forget the advice of Teresa of Avila, doctor of the church.
Pope Plus IX proclaimed him a Doctor of the Church in 1871.
She had entered the Carmelite Convent in April 1888 and was declared a Saint in 1925 before being proclaimed Patroness of the missions in 1928 and Doctor of the Church on the centenary of her death in 1997.
a Belgian Discalced Carmelite, has written a book that crystallizes the fruit of a lifetime of study and reflection on the works of Therese of Lisieux, saint and doctor of the Church.
In 1997, the centenary of her death, Pope John Paul II proclaimed her a Doctor of the Church, one of only three women to receive the honour.
As an advocate of a "sacred philology," Vergerio's Jerome fused the ideal of the classical Roman orator with that of the doctor of the Church, thereby helping Vergerio to defend the humanist program against those clerics who viewed it as too concerned with the ancient pagans.
Fox's book is one of two new works released in October to coincide with Pope Benedict XVI's naming Hildegard the fourth woman doctor of the church.
Alphonsus Liguori, a Doctor of the Church and the patron saint of moral theologians, expressed clearly and unequivocally the duty of individual soldiers according to traditional Catholic just war theory: "Where a soldier understands a war to be unjust, he may not receive absolution for his sin unless he seeks, as quickly as possible, dismissal from the military and in the interim refrains from hostile acts.
Yet Therese has recently been named a Doctor of the Church.
Like the author of Hebrews (second reading) who understood the power of God's word to cut to the quick of all matters so as to lay bare the truth, the 12th-century doctor of the church Bernard of Clairvaux was similarly convinced.
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