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a doctor's degree in music

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And now violinist Nicola Benedetti is a Doctor of Music too.
Justin Newman was banned for six days (dates to be notified) for using the whip when out of contention on Doctor Of Music, who was always behind in the second division of the amateur riders' race and finished 13th of 15 behind Tropical Duke.
Beverley joined the likes of American folk legends Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell in being made a Doctor of Music after receiving the honour from the University of Wolverhampton.
Having studied at Indiana University for my bachelor, master and doctor of music degrees, I experienced Pressler's legendary presence and was fortunate to study with him for a summer semester.
Elvis Costello was made a doctor of music at the Philharmonic Hall yesterday in recognition of a varied career which has encompassed post punk and high opera.
Who has been awarded an honorary Doctor of Music degree from a US university?
Leavell, who started playing with the Stones in 1982, was also presented with an honorary doctor of music degree during the event at Central Michigan University.
Gala earned a master's degree in piano from Tel Aviv University and Monika is pursuing her doctor of music degree from the University of Musical Arts of Bratislava, Slovak Republic.
Chris, also a doctor of music, recalls how one woman with a medical complaint asked for his advice.
The University of Wales will confer the title of Doctor of Music on the Gower-born composer at a ceremony in Swansea on March 31.
LOS ANGELES -- Musicians Institute has announced plans to award an honorary Doctor of Music degree to legendary rock guitarist, recording artist, producer, and composer Steve Vai.
The singer and songwriter with band Roxy Music, who grew up in Washington, was made honorary Doctor of Music at a ceremony in the University's King's Hall today.
Alan Peacock ENTERTAINMENT: Legendary North East musician Bryan Ferry is to receive an honorary Doctor of Music degree from Newcastle University at a ceremony in July.
In 2005, Gamble & Huff appeared on American Idol in a show devoted entirely to their music and in 2010 were presented honorary doctor of music degrees from Berklee College of Music.
The day before the competition, I spoke to Dr Margaret MacKinnon, a doctor of music, who said I had to feel the emotion to make the song sound right.
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