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surgeon fish of the West Indies

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NIBBLED: The Doctor Fish get to work at Bam Bou Fish Spa at Hill Street Centre.
A Doctor Fish Spa is located on Northumberland Street, Newcastle, and treatments cost pounds 10 for a 20-minute session.
Doctor Fish is a health spa in which Garra Rufa carp nibble away dead skin cells, providing a relaxing and refreshing experience.
On Tuesday, November 30, we're offering 12 Culture Club members the opportunity to come along with a friend to enjoy the Doctor Fish experience at the new health and beauty spa on Northumberland Road in Newcastle.
To find out more about Doctor Fish and the wide range of beauty treatments on offer at the new spa, log onto www.
SOMETIMES known as doctor fish, nibble fish, or less flatteringly as the reddish log sucker, garra rufa live in water around 40c, a temperature at which few other things flourish.
Doctor fish don't just specialise in feet - they'll also happily feast on any skin from all over your body, to help provide relief from skin ailments such as psoriasis and eczema.
While soaking his injured leg in a warm spring, the shepherd noticed schools of doctor fish sucking the damaged skin around his wound.
Scientists later learned that doctor fish are toothless, and their nibbles help slough the body of dead skin cells.
Doctor fish eagerly chomp away at the scaly patches.
In a culture where food and fashion seem straight out of science fiction, Doctor Fish is hardly extraordinary.
As part of the procedure, a species of minuscule fish known as the Garra Rufa, also known by a variety of other nicknames like doctor fish, feed on dead skin on the customer's feet and ankles.
Doctor fish - named after their ability to produce healthy results from diseased epidermis - are used at Skin Therapy Ireland on the outskirts of Limerick city.