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Synonyms for Frankenstein

an agency that escapes control and destroys its creator

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the monster created by Frankenstein in a gothic novel by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (the creator's name is commonly used to refer to his creation)

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He then stitched together the remaining bits and pieces of text and figures, much as Mary Shelley's Doctor Frankenstein stitched together his monster.
The play is set in 19th century Switzerland where young Doctor Frankenstein studies the secrets of life and death and creates a creature from body parts.
Was he another Doctor Harold Shipman type or a technician so clinical, so detached, so devoted to his job that he was indeed that Doctor Frankenstein we all thought only existed in the movies?
DOCTOR FRANKENSTEIN was back at work at Highbury last night firing a last, dramatic gasp of electricity into the lifeless form of Sheffield Wednesday.