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a laborer who loads and unloads vessels in a port

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There were plenty of dock labourers and coal trimmers who loaded coal onto ships.
Comments about the precarious character of casual work were not confined to dockworkers or naval dock labourers but were applied more generally.
In December 1862, for example, The Times (reproduced in the Sydney Morning Herald [SMH] 20 March 1863: 2) reported the Anglican Bishop of London as charging that the poorer metropolitan parishes were 'full of a shifting and precariously employed population of dock labourers, weavers, or costermongers' (costermongers were street sellers).
Equally arresting were the workings of the lifts, hoists, winches and gantry cranes and the dock labourers along the quayside pushing heavily-laden handcarts.
Manufacturer Should Supply Certificate Of Test And Examination In The Form-V Of Indian Dock Labourers Regulation,1948 As Per Is.
James Sexton, the General Secretary of the National Union of Dock Labourers (est.
The dock labourers,crowded along Scotland Road,formed the largest and densest slum in Europe,famine-Irish in origin, subject to arbitrary labour practices which had more to do with the slave auction than industrial relations.
There were still some reserved occupations, not least at Liverpool's docks where it was ruled men in 16 professions - including dock labourers, coal heavers, carters, ropemakers and shoeing smiths - could only be put in the Army Reserve.
THE main body of Birkenhead dockers ignored the threat of the executive of the National Union of Dock Labourers to suspend the branch if the men persisted in their attitude in regard to Saturday labour, and today refused to work for those firms who would not pay them this afternoon for any work done up to four o'clock.
It used to be run by the old National Dock Labourers Board but when that was abolished in 1989 and we took over in 1991 we were responsible for all the upkeep.