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79Mm Note:- Drawing And Technical Specification Attached In Doc File As Annexure-I
Remarks: Please Comply With Rules & Regulations Uploaded In All The Doc Files.
The main purpose of this note is to bring to light the danger awaiting users working with documents in RTF format, and to recommend the safest means for dealing with such a danger If the level of safety in DOC and RTF files is assessed as a whole, it follows to recognize the fact that DOC files conceal more danger, and they would also carry embedded executable files triggered by one click of an icon.
Office-type files that can run macros, especially Microsoft Word DOC files, are another story.
MISMO also defined an ePackage XML specification back in those early days, to provide a standardized method for SMART Doc files to be packaged and moved between business partners.
Despite this vulnerability, Sophos maintains that RTF files should be used as opposed to DOC files, which are still more likely to harbour viruses.
Despite the security vulnerability, Sophos recommends that RTF files should be used instead of DOC files, because the latter are still much more likely to harbour viruses.
Multiple File Support allows multiple files to be selected when creating a new MadCap Lingo project, for example HTM, HTML, XML, DITA or DOC files.
The system includes unlimited product catalogs and multi-tiered pricing; tracking and reporting of activities; digital distribution of downloadable content (such as pdf, zip, and doc files, software, images, video, etc.
For example, if a user has DOC files infected with a macro virus, Klez might send them to third parties, spreading the macro virus even further.
It overwrites data files such as Word DOC files, Excel XLS files, MP3 music files, website HTML content and ASCII text files.