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a city in northeastern Bulgaria (north of Varna) that is the commercial center of an agricultural region


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The torrential rains on Thursday and Friday caused extreme floods in three Bulgarian regions a Varna, Dobrich and Veliko Tarnovo.
Public procurement: Preparation of technical passport of the school Hristo Smirnenski and school Nikola Vaptsarov - Dobrich.
The Plachi Dol reservoir is still overflowing, and the water levels in the northern Dobrich have not dropped at all.
The crops have been damaged, especially in the Dobrich region, which is one of our most important agricultural regions, and it will pose a serious problem for the economy.
Public procurement: Waste collection and disposal of solid waste from the territory of the Municipality of Dobrich.
Food supply in the municipality of Dobrich - home social patronazh- 13 villages, public dining -13 villages DVHDs.
In a Friday interview for the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR), Tsvetkov made clear that some 7400 customers in Varna, Dobrich and Gorna Oryahovitsa still had no electricity.
176a of the SPA for buildings in the municipality of Dobrich included in the National Program Energy Efficiency of Residential Buildings.
Bulgaria's northeastern city of Dobrich has started building the biggest skatepark in the country.
Contract award: "winter cleaning of streets and avenues, sidewalks and pedestrian areas in the municipality of dobrich.
A Chinese investor has been awarded a certificate by Bulgariaas Dobrich Municipality for the construction of a feed-mill.
Kiril Temelkov, CEO of state-owned gas transmission operator Bulgartransgaz, attended Tuesday the sod-turning ceremony of a gas pipeline connecting the northeastern Bulgarian cities of Dobrich and Silistra, Novinite.
Things got so bad that Mona and Marco Dobrich actually split up their family.
Failure to meet these time frames can trigger full gain recognition in the year of the initial transfer, as was recently illustrated in Dobrich, TC Memo 1997-447.
Albright; Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel; Tom Brokaw, Robert Catell, Fulvio Dobrich, Harold M.