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medium large breed of dog of German origin with a glossy black and tan coat

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Now Paul, who has two other dogs, a dobermann called Max and Genna, a german shepherd cross, says he wishes he hadn't rushed into adopting Angel and urges others to take care when getting new pets .
Rounding off my Easter giveaway is Revolver Entertainment's Chatroom also out tomorrow on DVD and Blu-ray and classic gritty French thriller Dobermann (DVD and Blu-ray tomorrow from Second Sight) starring Vincent Cassel and Monica Bellucci.
Mauled: Dylan needed more than 25 stitches Freed: Blakeway, who owns savage Chalky, a cross between a Dobermann, top, and an Akita
If this trend isn't reversed soon, future rice supplies will tighten and prices will rise," said Achim Dobermann, IRRI deputy director general for research.
Owners of Kerri, runner-up in the Dobermann Pinscher puppy section in 2003, suspected their competition favourite pet had been sedated by rivals when she began to wobble in the ring.
NEWTON is a one-year-old Dobermann who is finding life in kennels quite difficult.
The challenge, believes Achim Dobermann, a scientist from the Philippine-based International Rice Research Institute, is to ensure a balance between food and biofuel production.
10 Which private investigator was constantly hassled by Dobermann pinschers Zeus and Apollo?
So the 42-year-old spent 18 months collecting computer parts and toys to build her own robot replacement for the Dobermann.
DOG owners in Liverpool with a dobermann are being asked to help veterinary research in the largest ever study of their breed - and help protect their animals from heart disease.
A Dobermann, he was more than a family pet, because he was nearly always at my side when I'd go running, whether along the prom at Rhos on Sea or up in Snowdonia.
A THREE-year-old girl was airlifted to hospital after being attacked by a Dobermann dog yesterday.
Dobermann says irrigated cornfields in Nebraska could produce 250 to 350 bushels per acre.
I own a Dobermann who is trained in obedience and has never been any problem whatsoever.
Dobermann of the University of Nebraska, Lincoln in the United States, and other researchers, published their first trials of SRI under the telling title, "Fantastic yields in the system of rice intensification: fact or fallacy?