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medium large breed of dog of German origin with a glossy black and tan coat

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With insurers paying out $250 million annually in claims for dog bites in the liability portion of homeowners policies, many are dropping customers and refusing those who own aggressive dog breeds, such as pit bulls, chows, Doberman pinschers, boxers, German shepherds, Great Danes, Rottweilers and Siberian huskies, according to the Insurance Information Institute.
Doberman acknowledges that; these "tools" might appear broad and simplistic on the surface.
Or better yet, a little frontier justice - like 10 minutes in a cage with Jim Franck's Doberman.
But the dog's owner, Charles Grant, claimed his 18-month-old doberman, Storm, was provoked into the attack.
TRAGEDY: Mum Kirsty was killed by a Doberman like this one
A FAITHFUL Doberman which killed a young mum as she had an epileptic fit was simply trying to help her, an inquest heard yesterday.
As she jogged with her Doberman pinscher one recent morning, Joan Warde was unaware of several pairs of eyes observing her - and her pooch, Shana - from the shade of some trees in Mountain Meadows Park.
The Europolitan Group, which also includes the stock market listed parent company Europolitan Holdings AB and Europolitan's fellow subsidiaries, Europolitan Stores AB, Ocom AB, Doberman AB and Mobile Relations AB, has around 1,200 employees.
A YOUNG mum's violent death, at first thought to be murder, was last night blamed on the family's pet Doberman dog.
AN ANIMAL lover had to strangle his pet Doberman Pinscher with its own lead after the dog turned on him.
Estate agent Nigel Colebrooke said: "It beats a doberman for security.
Dooley's doberman, Caligula, is as opposite the lady cop's dog as Dooley is to her.
It's labrador sized with an untidy brown coat, the build of a doberman and the facial features of a rottweiler.
The Europolitan Group, which also includes the stock market listed Parent Company Europolitan Holdings AB and Europolitan AB's sister companies Europolitan Stores AB and Doberman AB has around 1200 employees.
A DOBERMAN which savaged another dog and then injured the dog's owner as he struggled to wrench them apart has been granted a reprieve.