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be foolish or senile due to old age

shower with love

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TIMOTHY: "Mairzy doats and dozy doats/And liddle lamzy divey/A kiddley divey too, /Wooden shoe?
It didn't take much creativity to parlay that distinctive wordsmithery into "Mairzy doats and dozy doats and liddle lamzy divey.
So here, though clothed in Nature's vernal robes This scene delightful, calling forth our praise, And admiration, still, all speak of change And revolutions buried in the past; But which oblivion fails such things to veil, Though such might 'scape the less enquiring eye That doats on beauty, willing to admire
Mason, city editor of the Helena (Montana) Independent-Record, claimed to have come across the names Roal Doats, Steve Adore, Chris Muss, Alf A.
Occasionally, a novelty tune such as "Mairzy Doats," an off-the-wall ditty, "Der Fuhrer's Face," a quasi-religious hymn, "God Bless America," a rousing victory song, "Coming in on a Wing and a Prayer," or a frivolous melody, "Bell Bottom Trousers" soared to the top of the weekly charts but they could not maintain the popularity of "White Christmas," a love ballad that conjured up nostalgic remembrances of home and holiday warmth.
It's a lot like "Mairzy doats and dozy doats and little
In April 1740 Anne Donnellan, in a letter to Elizabeth Robinson (later Montagu), mentioned that her "present delight is the fine lady who admires and hates to excess; she doats on the dear little boy that dances, she detests Handel's oratorios"; this may refer to Lady Brown.
James Bond, Gibson Girls, Brownies, Magic Eye Music Spice Girls, Beatles, Elvis Presley, Monkees, Michael Jackson (Thriller), Hanson, Mairzy Doats, Frank Sinatra, Pat Boone, punk rock, MC Hammer Advertising Where's the Beef?
The world of holocaust and heroism had enough such messages, so when it came to music, folks found relief in "Mairzy Doats," or they sang along as Spike Jones delivered a raucous raspberry "right in der Fuhrer's face.
Popular songs of the year included "I'll Be Seeing You," "Mairzy Doats," "I'll Walk Alone," "Don't Fence Me In," "Long Ago and Far Away," and "Besame Mucho.
10 (280m): Hawk Eye (1), Black & White (1), The Gangster (1), Sam's Boy (Scr), Doats (Scr), Brodie (Scr).