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Over the multiyear DoD effort to update and align with the federal community for cybersecurity processes and requirements, the DON actively participated in many DoD and federal level working groups.
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As a working research tool, the Portal brings together 22 Web applications (quick links to databases) that support the DoD research and development (R & D) strategic planning and the congressional reporting process, including:
This made the DoD software project much more than a cathedral in style.
Nearly 1 in 10 Americans live within 10 miles of a DOD Superfund site--a sometimes perilous proximity.
DoD personnel who are newly assigned to international programs shall participate in one of the courses within six months of the assignment.
Agbayani/shinco Joint Venture, 88 Dixon Ct, Daly City, 94014: DoD for Facilities Support Services (NAICS 561210) $313,000; DoD for All Other Information Services (NAICS 514199) $404,000
Despite the fact that PB can have side effects on myasthenia gravis patients, DOD did minimal testing on people without the disease: The studies were tiny, and most excluded women and any men who were on other medications, smoked, or had health problems such as asthma.
What's more, those agents kill people within a matter of days, and no one died from such toxins, DOD asserts.
More typical in its SDB efforts is Litton Industries, a far-lung empire of 12 separate divisions that report independently to the DoD.
The L-1 biometric system will allow for tight integration with DoD service-oriented architectures and will support both centralized and forward-deployed operations using the same software that can support changing and varied sets of mission parameters.
In 2006, 52 contractors employed 2,435 former DOD senior and acquisition officials who had previously served as generals, admirals, senior executives, program managers, contracting officers, or in other acquisition positions which made them subject to restrictions on their post-DOD employment.
The DoD David O Cooke Excellence in Public Administration Award recognizes a DoD employee with from three to 10 years of federal service and occupies a non-managerial DoD position who exhibits great potential as a federal executive.
Since the early 1990s, SSP-Litronic has provided PKI products and services to some of the earliest FORTEZZA systems, the currently deployed Defense Messaging System (DMS) program and Class 3 PKI, and the DoD Common Access Card (CAC) ID program.
Sites that are determined to not have been contaminated by the DOD are classified as "no DOD action indicated," or NDAI.