Dnieper River

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a river that rises in Russia near Smolensk and flowing south through Belarus and Ukraine to empty into the Black Sea

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Khortitsa on the Dniepr River in the Zaporizhia region.
rain and the overflowed banks of the Dniepr River made life miserable
Shell has farmed into eight licences in the Dniepr Donets Basin and exploration work is planned to commence this year.
Through battles, through thunder, through labor I see the flow of big water, I see the Dniepr sewed up in concrete, I see the Caucasus in electric lights, The steel horse bearing corn, The iron ox bearing malt liquor.
Gleason went on to argue that "serious Anglo-Russian hostilities began in 1791" with the support in Parliament for the Poles and William Pitt's efforts to have the Russians return the fortress of Ochakov, guarding the Dniepr and Bug estuary, which the Russians had recently captured during a war with the Ottoman Turks.
This enterprise was supported by an Ekaterinoslav member of the duma, the engineer Jurgewitch, who was responsible for the building of an electric power station on the cataracts of the Dniepr.
The party committee of the Dniepr hydroelectric dam (Dnieprstoi) and the party's collective factory, Kommunar, were specifically ordered to carry out dekulakization measures in liquidating the kulak class among the working classes.
It includes at least 13 sites such as Dobranichevka, Eliseevichi, Gontsy, Mezin, Mezhirich, and Yudinovo, which cluster near the valleys of the Dniepr and Desna rivers and their tributaries, also such outliers as Milovice near the Dyje in Moravia, and Anosovka II and Kostenki II on the Don in Russia (Soffer 1985; Svoboda et al.