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a river that rises in Russia near Smolensk and flowing south through Belarus and Ukraine to empty into the Black Sea

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The Dnepr rocket blasted off Russia's Dombarovsky military air base Thursday evening into Earth's orbit carrying over 33 satellites from 17 countries including the United States.
The Dnepr program has been using Russia's decommissioned PC-20 (Satana SS-18 by NATO classification) intercontinental ballistic missiles as rocket-carriers.
It will be delivered into orbit by the Russian Dnepr rocket for a mission
Firat Aydinus will be the referee of the Europa League match to be played between FC Dnepr Mogilev and Villarreal.
Acclaimed by the international aviation industry, Ruslan International Airlines is a strategic joint marketing venture between Ukrainian Anatov Airlines and Russian Volga Dnepr Airlines, two of Eastern Europea€™s most prominent carriers.
To a lesser extent SpaceX's Falcon 1, Eurockot Launch Services' Rockot and ISC Kosmotras' Dnepr are also in the race.
His Excellency Ahmed Al Mansoori, Director General of EIAST said: "It is extremely important that the launching company ensures maximum readiness of all equipment related to the launch pad and satellites, including DubaiSat-1, travelling aboard the Dnepr Rocket.
Cargo company Volga Dnepr regularly uses Shannon and the Department of Transport acknowledged it could have used the airport to transport arms in the past.
Meanwhile, Mowbray feels UEFA Cup rivals Dnepr will cause his side problems.
Fiorentina play Ukrainian side Dnepr in the first leg of the UEFA Cup first round on Thursday.
The plans for the project, called Dneprovskaya Pristan, on Expert Capital's homepage, appears impressive: a small peninsula by the Dnepr where a large shopping center, residential apartments and a yachting marina were to be built.
Yet Wynn gathers the evidence that the behavior of the workers of the Dnepr bend and Donbass was not unique from the very historians he challenges.
Thiokol's alliance with Kosmotras on the Dnepr program began in 1995 when Thiokol conducted discussions on Western business practices and financial procedures.
Under this memorandum of understanding, ISC Kosmotras will provide relatively inexpensive launch opportunities using the Dnepr Launch Vehicle, supported by the government bodies of Russia and the Ukraine.
We have been successful in expanding our usage of wide-bodied cargo aircraft supplied by our other primary aircraft vendors which include Air Foyle, Atlas, Gemini, Kay Aviation, Volga Dnepr, and World," continued Mills.