Dnieper River

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a river that rises in Russia near Smolensk and flowing south through Belarus and Ukraine to empty into the Black Sea

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Age in the Dneiper region, Mongolia, Siberia, Western China and
Hydro-electric reservoirs became the biggest projects on every continent, from the Dneiper in the Soviet Union to the Tennessee Valley Authority to the Aswan across the Nile and Australia's Snowy Mountains Scheme.
As the workshop was held at a family retreat on the banks of the river Dneiper, many children were present.
Skiiers can enjoy the slopes of the Carpathian and Crimean mountains, while those seeking downtime can opt for a cruise along the historic Dneiper River to the Black Sea where some of Europe's most stunning, least-crowded beaches await.
Papers also examine the chronological evidence of Scythian settlements and those in the Lower Dneiper region and of the alliance between Chersonesos and Pharnakes.
Under the signs of amber horned moon, fiery Crab nebula, they follow to its source winding rivers of smoke--misty blue Niles, meandering Orinocos, swift-flowing Colorados, nicotine-golden Rhines, sluggish brown Ganges, tarry Euphrates, ice-floe frozen Dneipers, Volgas, Dons .