genetic fingerprinting

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the procedure of analyzing the DNA in samples of a person's body tissue or body fluid for the purpose of identification

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DNA matching Sloan's was found on the mouthpiece of a River Rock water bottle found in the bunker.
If new malware inherits or reuses some of the programming code, Norman DNA Matching will conclude that it is malware of the same kind.
Police allege DNA matching his was found on the grip of the .
A unique and very strongly recommended, addition to personal and professional genealogy reference collections, Forensic Genealogy by Colleen Fitzpatrick is an expert guide for aspiring or practicing genealogists wanting to unveil their familial history via unconventional and effective tactics of genetics, DNA matching, and laser measurement techniques which are all quite capable of providing positive results in determining family generational lineages.
But for the police, DNA matching - now running at 3,000 a month - is an essential new weapon in the fight against crime.
The absence of DNA matching does not disturb the parents or the church leader, because it is a "miracle".
The DNA matching is being done under the California Cold Hit grant program.
Mr Blunkett will stress that DNA matching is an enormously helpful tool in solving crime, which is being increasingly used.
For the analysis of users' DNA tests and the DNA matching, MyHeritage is working with long-time partner and global leader in genealogy DNA, Family Tree DNA.
DNA matching parts of Sinclair's genetic profile were recovered from a knot on a belt used to bind Helen Scott's wrists.
The jury also heard DNA matching both Crispin's and Eleni's was found on a glove imprint in blood on the safe.