Dmitri Shostakovich

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Russian composer best known for his fifteen symphonies (1906-1975)

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Composed by Dmitry Shostakovich, with a libretto by Adrian Piotrovsky and Fedor Lopukhov, it premiered in Leningrad in 1935 with Lopukhov's choreography.
In 1941, Dmitry Shostakovich was asked to write an opera (he turned down the proposal), while Sergei Eisenstein was commissioned to make hist famous film.
Within its fourteen chapters, spread Out over 374 pages, Maes charmingly and persuasively explains and documents the 140 years or so of this revisionist history, beginning with Mikhail Glinka and his Life far the Tsa r in 1836 and ending with the death of Dmitry Shostakovich in 1975.
Although his music was largely ignored for 50 years after his death, Mahler was later regarded as an important pioneer of 20th-century techniques of composition and an acknowledged influence on such composers as Arnold Schoenberg, Dmitry Shostakovich, and Benjamin Britten.