cubic metre

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a metric unit of volume or capacity equal to 1000 liters

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As for DM3, the more influential criterion was capability (C2).
Parity Software: "Like other Dialogic products, DM3 IPLink 2.
Thin and light, the HP Pavilion dm3 notebook PC is literally a cool notebook.
The Ultraview DM3 can operate either in Spot Check or Monitoring Mode.
The latest in the Ultraview series, the new DM3 can be used in any patient care environment where basic vital signs monitoring is needed.
EXTENT: Concrete Demolition 75 m3 Concrete removal (HDW) about 25 dm3 Rebar connections 1200 St Core drilling approximately 1,500 meters Sheet piling 1500 m2 Piles (d = 0.
Not that IT Services is a negligible niche player, by any means, its annual revenues amounting to almost half those of SBS right now, at DM3.
In other sectors of engineering, offering high added-value content, UK producers still remain competitive at close to DM3 to the pound.
The HP Pavilion dm3 entertainment notebook gives consumers the perfect balance of mobility and performance in an affordable "thin and light" notebook PC.
Contract notice: Purchase transportable water pumps to water contaminated with a capacity of at least 6000 dm3 / min.
2) The new HP ProBook 5310m and HP Pavilion dm3 expand the market for the category, an area HP pioneered earlier this year with the introduction of the affordable HP Pavilion dv2.
Negotiated contract offers following open call declared unsuccessful - MNAOI GCS DM3 2015.
The material scope of investment: - Stand for investigation of electrochemical processes electrodeposition technology and the development of functional coatings, including alloy coatings for technical applications, equipment in the bathtub process armed with capacity from 100 to 200 dm3, measurement and control equipment, system mixing and dispensing replenishment solutions and special additives, heat and power stationary and modulated currents as well as apparatus for applying functional coatings selective technique.
2000 cylindrical containers in painted carbon steel, with volumes of 380 dm3 called overpack and n.
6 kg / dm3 by truck to storage areas at the MEW incl.