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a storyteller in West Africa

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The family lineage goes back more than 800 years to Balla Faseke, the first of an unbroken line of Djelis in the Kouyate clan.
Jeremie Djeli Kedi, aged 36, of Oxford Street, Hillfields, Coventry, driving with an incorrect licence, fined pounds 75.
Perhaps, to be a poet or "weaver of words"--as Kwame Dawes puts it--is still considered one of the most esteemed occupations in the land, like the African djeli.
And superb performances from Djeli Moussa Diabate, Djedje Djedje, Nai Zou, Goulei Tchepoho, Zaoli Mabo Tape, Akpa Yves Didier, Yao, Funn, and Lemon, are moving testimony to the interior voyage that each dancer made in creating the work, and to the capacity of art to trace new maps of the heart.
Et pourtant, ce n''etait pas n'importe quel film, Djeli de Fadika Kramo-Lancine releve du patrimoine cinematographique non seulement ivoirien, mais africain.
Like a West Africa, djeli who recounts genealogies, sings praises, and chants epics at important events such as the installation of chiefs, weddings, and naming ceremonies, singing what the Yoruba call an Oriki, or lineage chants, Pilate chants the names of her ancestor, Solomon, and shares memories with the community at large.