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port city on the Gulf of Aden

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Apart from the warships and two merchant vessels, two C- 17 heavy air lifters will reach Djbouti tasked to bring back stranded people.
Tiffany Larriba, Civil Affairs Team 4902, 490th Civil Affairs Battalion, interacts with children during a break from her English language class in Karabti San, Djbouti, Jan.
They will also be charging transit fees before either Kenya or Djbouti charges South Sudan for transit and access to their ocean and see ports respectively.
The new Ambassador of Djibouti, Hassan Ali Hassan, expressed his pleasure to work in Sudan, pledging to spare no effort to boost the bilateral relations, describing the relations between Sudan and Djbouti as historic and distinguished.
By then we would also be in a position to be a net exporter of electricity to neighbouring countries including Sudan, Egypt, Kenya, Djbouti and so on.
Leonard helms this swashbuckling crew to an unsurprising finale in the playful, lethal Djbouti, proving once again that's it's not the destination but the voyage.