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He soon, in the village of Cigugur, came in contact with the followers of the Agama Djawa Sunda, a syncretist movement, counted to belong to the kebatinan religion, a designation for a wide variety of local and regional religious movements that fell outside the 'officially' acknowledged religions.
Republik Indonesia: propinsi Djawa Timur [Indonesian Republic: Province of East Java].
When we returned to Djiliwirri in August 2005 for more fieldwork and a higher fidelity recording of the Baripuy manikay series, we were joined by Ian Keen who had first conducted fieldwork with Djawa and his contemporaries in the 1970s (1978, 1994).
75) Conversation with Joe Golumala, son of Djawa, Melbourne, 2003.
1940, and Orang Indonesia jang Terkemoeka di Djawa (Jakarta: Gunseikanbu, 1944), p.
Rod Kennett, Project Coordinator; Daniel Oades, Project Officer, Kimberley Land Council; Frank Loban, Project Liaison Officer, Torres Strait Regional Authority; Lachlan Sutherland, Regional Facilitator, Torres Strait Regional Authority; Bradley Wilson, Project Officer, Carpentaria Land Council Aboriginal Corporation; Djawa Yunuping, Director, Dhimurru Land Management Aboriginal Corporation; Barry Hunter, Cape York Balkanu Development Corporation; Graham Friday, Senior Ranger, li-Anthawirriyarra Sea Rangers; Steve Johnson, Coordinator, li-Anthawirriyarra Sea Rangers (participants in the north Australia wide Marine Turtle and Dugong Project coordinated by the North Australian Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance)
The second largest PMA project is that of PT Dieng Champignon Indonesia, which is a joint venture between PT Djawa Triguna and Netherlands partner Dieng Holding Company B.
Their views about Java's future were disseminated through their respective journals Wederopbouw (Revival or Rebuilding) and Djawa (Java), and through numerous cultural congresses (Noto Soeroto 1918; Van Miert 1996).
Currently the country has 12 companies producing bicycles, but only four of them are in the category of large producers--Federal Cycle, Polygon, Wim Bicycle Industries, Djawa Perdana and Toyo Asahi.
In a similar vein, Liesbeth Hesselink's chapter very effectively analyses a number of writings by Western-trained, indigenous doctors called dokter djawa regarding traditional healers called dukun in the Dutch East Indies.