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capital and largest city of Indonesia

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The threat of subversive influence, whether inspired from Djakarta, Beijing, or Taipei, was met by the colonial authorities with a wide-ranging counteroffensive, often orchestrated from Singapore in a regional security setting.
IMT Ghaziabad has concluded partnerships at a neck-break speed ever since the beginning of the 2011 academic session, with iconic institutions like the Kellogg School of Management (USA), International Business School of Service Management (Hamburg, Germany) - regarded as the leader in Service Management Studies - and top South Asian Universities like the University of Diponegoro, Semarang (Malaysia), and Sampoorna School of Business, Djakarta (Indonesia).
Obama lived in Djakarta between the ages of six and 10.
The Book brings together contributions from a variety of authors from a variety of countries and also includes extended Papers presented at the 2010 Djakarta Conference on 'The Concept of Lex Sportiva Revisited' organised, amongst other bodies, by the Indonesia Lex Sportiva Instituta, whose Executive Director, Hinca I Pandjaitan, has written the Foreword to this Book, which he describes as "timely" and with which your reviewer would entirely agree
In the first week of January 1957 I was on a Pan-American flight from Singapore to Djakarta seated next to a remarkable Indonesian scholar and nationalist, S.
computer in Djakarta, Indonesia, used his credit card information to
He then worked in Djakarta, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and London, serving in senior management positions that involved both operational and commercial accountability.
In his speech before NAM's 16th Ministerial Conference opened in the Indonesian capital, Djakarta, Zebari asserted Iraq's commitment to support the Palestinians' struggle to regain their rights in establishing a Palestinian state with Quds being its capital and the withdrawal from all Palestinian territories.
But it is urgent that Mennonites also consciously learn how to be church in Chicago, New York, Montreal, Vancouver, Berlin, London, Kinshasa, Bulawayo, Asuncion or Djakarta if they are going to contextualize the Gospel and "out-narrate" the dominant narratives of the globalized mega-city driven by profit, economic growth and violence, all increasingly fueled by common media sources.
In sommige van die vertellings Ioop hy ver terug op die spore van bekende geskiedkundige figure soos byvoorbeeld die volksplanter, Jan van Riebeeck in Djakarta, die voormalige Batavia ("Grafgesprek met 'n volksplanter", p.
Later, in June 1963, during a visit to Indonesia, Smulders met with the bishops at Djakarta and with them prepared an evaluation of the revised text De divina revelatione, which had been distributed to all the Vatican II bishops in May 1963.
Family" meant my wife Penny and our four children--Jeff, David, Susan, and John, born respectively in Managua, Djakarta, Fairfax, and Dakar.
The massive migration to the capital Djakarta had created a desperate housing shortage, there being neither money nor material to build new constructions.
Qatar has been the world's biggest LNG producer since it overtook Indonesia in 2006 and with Djakarta keen to retain more of its gas production for domestic use, there seems no threat to the emirate's position.