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Synonyms for dizziness

a sensation of whirling or falling

Synonyms for dizziness

a reeling sensation

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Rather than spending the time in left field, the Dodgers' Gary Sheffield spent Thursday afternoon at the hospital undergoing tests after experiencing dizzyness and fatigue at home.
People have suffered fainting spells, headaches, nausea and dizzyness as some operators allegedly pressure their pilots to restrict air flow.
A mild attack leads to sweating, a racing pulse, dizzyness, tiredness and confusion, but victims recover after eating a small amount of sugar.
Strasser added that there was ``no loss of consciousness, no dizzyness, no upset stomach,'' which are common symptoms of a concussion.
Scores of staff at Daks Simpsons in Larkhall, Lanarkshire were left with rashes, nausea and dizzyness.