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Synonyms for dizziness

a sensation of whirling or falling

Synonyms for dizziness

a reeling sensation

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The assessment of dizziness and vertigo is one of the most difficult tasks for clinicians as well; our study showed some physicians seemed to confuse dizziness symptoms.
Researchers in mental health and neurological sciences then discuss such aspects as dizziness at the interface of psychiatry and neuro-otology, neurological causes of dizziness and vertigo, a modified vestibular rehabilitation program, benign paroxysmal positional vertigo in old age, arrhythmogenic causes of dizziness, cognitive deficits following complete bilateral loss of vestibular function and their relationship to the hippocampus, vibratory induced nystagmus in superior semicircular canal dehiscence and in otosclerosis, and pediatric vertigo.
Drivers practicing for a race at Texas Motor Speedway complained of dizziness and vertigo.
HawkEye is an extension of our established medical technology that uses infrared video eye tracking to diagnose dizziness and vertigo," said Ron Waldorf, AcuNetx' Vice President of Innovation and Product Development and the co-inventor of HawkEye.
Suitable for everyone from professional athletes to seniors, this machine is useful for patients suffering from dizziness and vertigo, for fall prevention, for motor-skill training, and more.