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The musicians will play Dixieland music, a style of jazz developed in New Orleans.
The musicians for the carnival played popular Dixieland music - a style of jazz which developed in New Orleans at the start of the 20th century.
At 71, Batiste no longer commands a good set of lungs, much range, or even a timbre of voice to arouse much admiration; but he projects all the joy, energy, and showmanship of his native New Orleans and of the Dixieland music that beguiled the world.
The line-up offers a feast of Dixieland music and big band sounds courtesy of the 11-piece Big Chris Barber Band, The Dutch Swing College Band and The Pasadena Roof Orchestra.
As a young boy Don, now aged 63, was awe-struck by Harry Gold and his Pieces of Eight - masters of Dixieland music in the 1940s and 50s.
I've been playing Dixieland music, more or less, for about twenty years.
celebrated its eighth anniversary at the Hopland Brewery with a barbecue, afternoon dixieland music in the beer garden, the traditional keg toss, and evening music by the New Mendocino All Stars.
This brass band delivers a unique brand of traditional Russian and Dixieland music perfected over the past 28 years.
Molly Klauber and Adam Schiffman were crowned King and Queen of the Mardi Gras at the Goodwill Foundation's Fat Tuesday Street Party, which featured Dixieland music, a New Orleans dessert bar and lots of dancing in the Michael's on East courtyard.
will include live Dixieland music followed at 1:30 by a special appearance by "Mark Twain" and refreshments.
While their father didn't have a lot of free time when they were growing up, the memory of their dad making corned beef hash and eggs breakfasts while listening to Dixieland music on Sunday mornings brings a smile to the faces of his three sons.
As a result, the festival will have less emphasis on Dixieland music this year.