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Rioters Dixieland Jazz Band (Marine FC, Crosby) Third Friday in the month 8.
Clinics on several topics, including Dixieland jazz, per- cussion, vocals and a variety of instrumental workshops, also will be held throughout the day.
The three-day event will feature wandering troubadours, Wildlife Wendy's trained birds (including ``the world's largest parakeet''), costumed merchants, food and dancing to Dixieland jazz.
Mission of Giving," which begins at 6:30 pm, features three themed parties -- Mardi Gras, South Beach and Memory Lane -- with live Dixieland jazz, salsa and oldies pop musical groups, festivities and cabaret-style supper clubs.
As the students strolled through the fairgrounds - playing Dixieland jazz - Sam Perez, 32, of Palmdale, a music teacher at the school, trailed behind them.
Friday-Sunday, groups such as the Dukes of Dixieland, Connie Jones & the Crescent City Jazz Band, Lars Edegran & the New Orleans Ragtime Orchestra, and Jimmy Larocca's Original Dixieland Jazz Band will perform on four outdoor Bourbon Street stages.
A FREE jazz concert by the Astoria Dixieland Jazz Band will take place in Allesley Park, Coventry, on Sunday.
1917: The Dixie Jazz Band One-Step was the world's first jazz record to be released -ironically by the all-white Original Dixieland Jazz Band1941: British troops invaded Italian-held Ethiopia.
WESTLAKE VILLAGE- Kris Muhm sat at a picnic table Saturday at the Wellness Community, soaking up the afternoon sunshine, listening to a Dixieland jazz band and meeting others like her who are surviving cancer.
JAZZ: Regular session by the fine Parade Jazzmen playing traditional and dixieland jazz.
There was background music from the Mercia Dixieland Jazz Band and canal trips on the Coventrian boat.
In its 56th season, the band is the longest-performing American Dixieland jazz band in the world.
PALMDALE - In celebration of Mother's Day, the Side Street Strutters will perform Dixieland jazz at 2 p.
Attendees can also look forward to a festive night of food, drinks, mock gambling, Dixieland jazz and an auction while cruising the Mississippi aboard an authentic paddlewheel boat.
Sixteen traditional and Dixieland jazz bands are gearing up for the 14th annual Medford Jazz Jubilee at eight locations in Medford on Oct.