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a former political party in the United States

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Frustrated by their failure to persuade the Democratic national convention to abandon or weaken Truman's civil rights proposal, the Dixiecrats convened in Jackson, Mississippi, and nominated Governor (J.
Burdened with racist allies at home in his own party, he was weighed down with colonialist allies abroad; Dixiecrats were most obviously like Afrikaner nationalists in South Africa, but their political parallel to European colonialists on matters of race relations was also evident.
29) Thus, Truman the reformer was motivated to consider a "purge" or punishment of Dixiecrats.
Two years after the reelection of President Truman, Graves wrote a piece(20) in which he tried to place his support for Governor Strom Thurmond of South Carolina, the defeated Dixiecrat candidate for President, into a larger frame of reference.
Board of Education, with Dixiecrats and Citizens' Councils attacking integrationists as communists, the liberal movement virtually collapsed.
Liberal hypocrisy in decrying Nixon's "Southern Strategy"' after a century of liberal collusion with Dixiecrats denying Southern Negroes their civil rights, does not cease to amaze.
In politics, old school Dixiecrats like Strom Thurmond have resurrected into the modern day Tea Party.
38) This disagreement within the party reached its apogee in 1948, when the Dixiecrats broke off and ran their own candidate, Strom Thurmond, for President.
Right after the Emancipation Proclamation what was going on down in the Southern states is very clear, that the Dixiecrats wanted to disarm black people to keep us from defending ourselves against the Klansmen who were murdering white and black Republicans to control the ballot box.
The brisk movement of Frank's narrative sometimes elides complicated debates; it is far from obvious, for instance, that Senator Lyndon Johnson could simply have mandated stronger civil rights legislation in 1957 given the preponderance of Dixiecrats in his caucus.
html) The Washington Post reported Guyot was also the founder of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, which tried to seat an integrated delegation at the 1964 Democratic National Convention in opposition to the segregationist Dixiecrats.
His injection of the racial segregation issue into the Presidential campaign lost him four states to the Dixiecrats.
a state that gave us Strom Thurmond and the racist Dixiecrats, Paul was the only candidate to oppose the nation's self-defeating militarism: "We endlessly bomb these countries and then we wonder why they get upset with us.
Her note read 'the KKK, Dixiecrats, [Teamsters boss Jimmy] Hoffa, [the] John Birch Society, Nixon, [South Vietnam President Ngo Dinh] Diem, Rightist, CIA in Cuban fiasco, Dictators [and] Communists'.