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a former political party in the United States

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What we shared was the South's contempt for a liberal press and hypocritical Democratic Party that had coexisted happily with Dixiecrats for a century but got religion when conservative Republicans began to steal the South away from them.
While hyper-partisanship is very high, the Republican Party has determined that it will nullify President Obama's agenda while implementing Congressional and state actions that undermine the social safety net, as well as civil rights that is reminiscent of the actions that the Dixiecrats took to prevent the passage and implementation of civil rights in the 1950s and 1960s.
In Birmingham, Alabama, the newly established States' Rights Democratic Party--more commonly known as the Dixiecrat Party, a label its presidential candidate Strom Thurmond hated--held its own convention.
As historians have noted, the Dixiecrats won in these states because their candidates were listed as the official candidates of the Democrat Party, which kept Harry Truman from being listed on the ballot.
But 1968 divisions had nothing on the party's 1948 crackup, when a pro-civil-rights convention plank drove out the Dixiecrats behind segregationist presidential candidate Strom Thurmond, while former FDR Vice President Henry Wallace picked off progressives, pacifists, and remnants of the Communist Party USA behind his Progressive Party bid for the presidency.
Her note read 'the KKK, Dixiecrats, [Teamsters boss Jimmy] Hoffa, [the] John Birch Society, Nixon, [South Vietnam President Ngo Dinh] Diem, Rightist, CIA in Cuban fiasco, Dictators [and] Communists'.
In 1948, for example, the Dixiecrats seceded from the Democratic Party, not as their ancestors did from the nation (and neither group from their constituents).
That was until Ronald Reagan sold out the finer principles of the party to the rump Dixiecrats and the extreme religious right in order to provide his party with a new electoral base.
For example, Keller reports that more Republicans than Democrats approved civil rights legislation, but he fails to note that many of those nay-saying Democrats were Dixiecrats on their way to becoming members of the GOR The Monica Lewinsky scandal culminating with President Clinton's impeachment is characterized as populist politics, as if operatives of the Republican Party played no major role.
The sequence of articles on actress and singer Marlene Dietrich, bank robber John Dillinger, baseball player Joe DiMaggio, and political conservative Dixiecrats illustrate the type and range of topics that Wynn (20th-century American history, U.
The Dixiecrats were antidemocratic and unashamedly racist, lacked any real mandate, were utterly contemptuous of northern (and, indeed, world) public opinion, and were answerable only to themselves .
The old Republican coalition didn't want for porkers, of course, but the addition of pols who would have been Dixiecrats four decades earlier grossly inflated their numbers.
4) The classic book on the Dixiecrats is William D.
By contrast, Clinton wanted the Democratic Party to renew its "common ground" with those who left the party with Strom Thurmond and the Dixiecrats and those who jumped ship when Ronald Reagan rose to power: white men.
Convinced that post-war black militancy was a Soviet plot to destroy the southern way of life, Senator James Eastland and other Dixiecrats virulently opposed civil rights reforms and became some of Joseph McCarthy's staunchest allies during the peak of the Cold War.