Dixie cup

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a disposable cup made of paper


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2 million Dixie Cup does fit ongoing problems of small CUs "in Pennsylvania and elsewhere coming under pressure" of market conditions, said Jo Ann Broderick, president/CEO of First Commonwealth.
At that point, a Dixie cup was beginning to sound mighty good.
In those days, you found plastic accessories only in the kitchen department," said Brown, who has patented about 10 other Oxford products, including the Dixie cup dispenser for bath and kitchen.
I soak the seed for four or five minutes in undiluted Clorox to thin and make the outer layer of the seeds more permeable, then rinse well and soak the seed overnight in water before planting, two to a Dixie cup, at a depth of one-quarter inch.
I hope so," says Morris, "I'm trying to locate the old Dixie Cup company.
Rethink traditional S'mores and create a S'mores flavored ice cream pop by layering graham crackers, vanilla ice cream, marshmallows and chocolate in a Dixie cup and adding a popsicle stick.
He stopped teaching school and they moved to Fitchburg where he became a machinist and worked at The Dixie Cup Co.
Is it me or are those wooden spoons in the Dixie Cup ice creams shrinking?
Revamped gadgets, to be introduced at January's International Housewares Show, will be made in Switzerland and designed by Michael Cousins, an industrial designer who created the original Dixie cup holder and has products on exhibit in the Smithsonian Institution, said Keller.
Fort Smith Dixie Cup Federal Credit Union $8,287,128
Gilroy Gardens will be adding spring flowers throughout Dixie Cup Plaza and Sugar Plum Plaza.
And the topper: The child's own joke may be used on future editions of Dixie Cup products.
Average Deposits Per Member Fairfield Federal Credit Union $7,486 Crossett Paper Mills Federal Credit Union $7,269 Benton Alcoa Employees Federal Credit Union $7,146 Telcoe Federal Credit Union $6,495 Pine Bluff Cotton Belt Federal Credit Union $5,969 Fort Smith Dixie Cup Federal Credit Union $5,084 River Valley Community Federal Credit Union $4,541 Mil-Way Federal Credit Union $4,478 Pine Bluff Arsenal Federal Credit Union $4,339 Postal of Arkansas Federal Credit Union $4,132 Source: Callahan & Associates Inc.
Here, we learn that a Dixie cup is not a drinking utensil, but jargon for a sailor's cap.
The real test of a good riddle is, as everybody knows, whether it can make the side of a tiny paper Dixie cup.