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a disposable cup made of paper


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For many, their Dixie Cup became a way to express their individuality.
2 million Dixie Cup does fit ongoing problems of small CUs "in Pennsylvania and elsewhere coming under pressure" of market conditions, said Jo Ann Broderick, president/CEO of First Commonwealth.
At that point, a Dixie cup was beginning to sound mighty good.
Each model has different function keys, but they all have a cylindrical control stick that looks like an inverted Dixie cup and fits in the hand.
Dining out in Florida may become more sanitary for everyone--dog owners and the dogless alike--thanks to some fine-print provisions in the Dixie Cup Clary local Control act that went into effect in July.
Dixie cup testing involves an operator shutting down dispensing equipment every eight hours and pouring both components into dixie cups.
Learn about the lowly janitor whose cousin Hoover helped patent and manufacture one of his most inventive devices, and the evolution of the Health Kup to the more attractive Dixie Cup.
While most people now drink water from their own plastic bottles, the Dixie cup remains widely in use.
For excitement, you might get to dig your flat wooden spoon into a Dixie Cup with two flavors.
Hot on the breaking story, I walked directly to my office after eating a Dixie cup of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and called FTC Commissioner Orson Swindle's office for comment.
In those days, you found plastic accessories only in the kitchen department," said Brown, who has patented about 10 other Oxford products, including the Dixie cup dispenser for bath and kitchen.
I soak the seed for four or five minutes in undiluted Clorox to thin and make the outer layer of the seeds more permeable, then rinse well and soak the seed overnight in water before planting, two to a Dixie cup, at a depth of one-quarter inch.
Imagine trying to understand species distribution in Lake Michigan and you sample the lake using a Dixie cup.
He stopped teaching school and they moved to Fitchburg where he became a machinist and worked at The Dixie Cup Co.
Turns out that just like other well-meaning Republicans who start something with unforeseen consequences, Jeb made a complete mess with his Dixie Cup Clary law that gave local governments the right to choose whether or not to allow dogs in outdoor spaces.