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United States social reformer who pioneered in the reform of prisons and in the treatment of the mentally ill

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Dix, 55, is a third-generation farmer whose district covers Butler, Grundy, Hardin and Story counties.
El arte es solo para los artistas" (Carta a Hans Bretschneider, finales de 1911)--, Dix desarrollo un discurso visual que aparentaba criticar la actitud de los poderosos en favor de los desprotegidos.
Iniciado en la pintura poco antes de la Primera Guerra Mundial, Otto Dix se enfrento a la realidad de la Alemania belica y de la Republica de Weimar, con un rigor y un enojo que no se puede aplacar.
Fisher began his career in 2005, joining Dix at Wachovia Securities.
If George Osborne won't run the economy how Mr Dix would like, he writes dozens of letters pointing out where George has gone wrong.
In early accounts of nineteenth-century reform, Dix was underappreciated, most likely because she worked outside of the institutions and organizations that marked much of what we know about women in antebellum reform movements (see, e.
Chief whip Councillor Gez Kirby argued that Coun Dix deserved to be suspended for comments made to the Caerphilly Observer newspaper about plans for the council to fund the building of a cinema in Bargoed.
Selon le site du ministere libyen de l'Interieur, la Tunisie a accepte l'extradition des dix responsables au cours de la rencontre ayant reuni, mercredi dernier, le ministre libyen de l'Interieur par interim, Saleh Mazegh et le ministre tunisien de l'Interieur, Lotfi Ben Jeddou qui ont discute de la presence d'anciens responsables du regime libyen sur le territoire tunisien et des recents troubles au point de passage frontalier Ras Jedir.
Managing director Charles Dix said: "For 125 years, we have continued to grow from strength to strength and it's truly humbling to see that the North East has continued to support us over the past century and a quarter.
A neighbour who had spoken to Mrs Dix told the police: "She said her daughter was being bullied and she hanged herself.
DISTURBED Dix stabbed his wife Hazel to death and callously butchered her body into 16 pieces - after a row over the TV.
Yet Mailer' shows the reader a starkly different paradigm for coping with trauma in Dix Butler, a peer of Harry's in the CIA, illustrating that Harry's feelings of stigmatization and self-loathing are not the only response to harm.
The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources named Deb Dix as its new lead on industrial or frac sand issues.
David Edward Dix is accused of visiting several businesses and stating that he worked for a local newspaper.
Professor Alan Dix set out from Cardiff along the Offa's Dyke path three weeks ago on the first leg of a trip which combines his passions for technology and Wales.