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(golf) the cavity left when a piece of turf is cut from the ground by the club head in making a stroke

a piece of turf dug out of a lawn or fairway (by an animals hooves or a golf club)

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Her divot bags provide an easy and cost effective way of reducing divot damage on fairways and are filled with a mixture of soil, sand and seed that members carry around with them on their trolleys.
Strike point: Watch the amazing super-slow motion replays on TV golf coverage and you will see the pros strike with a downward angle, and take a divot in front when using an iron.
Individual dunes and associated divots concentrate fish, but current dictates where and how catfish position within them.
I found out later that the divots were never replaced.
From March to October, the girls fill in the divots on the fairways with sand, then for the rest of the year do the more backbreaking work of digging out around 40,000 divots on the Old Course and replacing them Gordon: with fresh turf.
Course managers have had to employ specialist teams to fill up to 5000 divots every week.
There's also some care of the course that has to be followed: raking the traps, fixing your ball marks and repairing your divots.
The researchers calculated the consequence of filling that surface with just enough fluid to top off all the small divots without causing them to overflow.
Upon entering the game, the holder must check the field for divots and soft spots that may affect the kicker's plant foot.
Earth Share also gives the following tips: a) Support positive turf management techniques; b) Encourage alternative fertilization processes and overall reduction of chemicals; c) Be happy playing on brownish fairways in dry spells and encourage reduced water practices; d) And always replace your divots and ball marks.
Divots in the field and cracks on the court can cause a player to trip when running, resulting in scratches, cuts, bumps and sprains.
Also, if you are a player that takes deep divots you might want to consider a higher bounce, as the club won't dig in so much at impact.
Over 5,000 litres of water are used to cool off the horses after each race 8,000 cars were in the car park on Easter Monday alone Over 32,000 pints of beer were sold to thirsty punters In the corporate areas, 2,100 main dinner courses were served up to hungry racegoers | There were 55 men on the track each day putting back the divots and preparing the course for each race Around 21,000 birch sticks were used to construct the fences The prize money for the Irish Grand National was [euro]250,000 | 24 is the number of fences that were jumped in the Grand National 33/1 is the largest price for a winner on five occasions, the last of which was Lion na Bearnai in 2012, and.
Common golf etiquette includes such actions as raking bunkers, repairing pitch marks, adhering to the set pace of play and filling in divots.